2 comments on “Female Sexuality as a Weapon

  1. Thanks.

    I’ve encountered it before, on Emma Frost and others, and felt that it was wrong, yet was unable to explain it more than “It’s a poor excuse to depict a character in revealing outfit in order to please a male audience”.

    About the femme fatale archetype, we have a possible near-exception with the series “Fatale”, by Ed Brubaker, whose main character is a woman with surnatural powers over men (they all want her, and she can command them).
    She uses men, sometimes cynically, and bring them death, but, while she clearly isn’t “good”, she isn’t evil either: She’s just a woman trying to survive people hunting her, and would gladly live a quiet life without hurting anyone (She did so, at times. The books focuses on her trials). Also, her powers are a curse to her, as she can’t control them and they bring her trouble.

  2. I found this article to be very insightful. We men need to be accountable for perpetuating these harmful archetypes. I hope you write more on this topic.

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